​​Simply Email your request to bkjservices@aol.com                       or complete the red order form below outlining your project.  We will reply with an estimated cost of your project, a contract agreement form as well as an invoice to you as soon as possible.

e-Commerce allows for communicating and completing your project electronically, with payment via

With over 40-years of Federal Government and Corporate experience, where writing and proofreading policy were a few of my major duties, I look forward to assisting you with your project.

Professional Memberships include:

The International Women’s Leadership Association
Featured in Top Female Executives
Former Member of the White House Talent Bank
Former Member of Federally Employed Women
Former Member of  the Federal Leadership Council

With the world climate as it is, if an electronic relationship is not possible, my preference is to meet at a public location i.e., Library, Internet Café, Bus Boys and Poets Lounge, Starbucks, Panetta Bread, McDonalds, community center, or your suggestion.




                                    TYPING/WORD PROCESSING (English):  Rates for straight typing of English with no editing required,

                                    begins with a base price ranging from $3 to $5 per page.  If corrections are required, add an

                                    additional $2 to $4 per page to the base price. Prices increase according to the level of editing 

                                    desired by the client.   (ITEM 101.1)​

                                              Other Languages –
Rates from  $7.00 per page  All languages not available (ITEM 101.2)


                                    TRANSCRIPTION:  Rates range from $45-50  per hour,  which equates to  9-13 double-spaced hard copy                                                       (250 words per page) MORE for technical  subject areas.  (ITEM 101.3)

                                     TRANSCRIPTION – AUDIO/VIDEO TYPING (Per Audio Hour)  (ITEM 101.4)

                                      $50 per audio hour (250 words per double spaced page)  - For single audio projects less than

                                      an hour,  a half-hour minimum with minutes left rounded to the next quarter hour. For example,

                                      the price for transcribing a 14-minute audio clip would be $25; for a 36-minute clip, $37.50; for a

                                      110-minute clip, $62.50. 

                                                                    -- Strictly Verbatim Transcription Without  
                                                                        Proofing or Editing - $5.00 per page


                                                                    -- Technical/Specialized areas Additional

                                                                    -- Fact Checking - $15.00 Additional per page


                                        LANGUAGE TRANSLATION:  

                                        Rates range from $20.00 - $27.50 PER PAGE  =   ($0.08 - $0.11 PER WORD)  (250 words per page)

                                        for Spanish to  English or English to Spanish.  $40 - $50 per hour (300-500 words)   Payment via                           

                                        paypal.me/BKJSERVICES        Contact us,  not all languages available  (ITEM 102) 

                                         REMOTE SPANISH AND ENGLISH CLASSES

                                         REMOTE Classes via Internet with Telephone available.

                                         My rates ranges: $35 - $60 per hour – 2 hour maximum per class   Group Rates Available  (ITEM 103)
                                         Payments via credit card, via paypal.me/BKJSERVICES


                                        ABSTRACTING AND ​RESEARCHING:   RATES ARE QUOTED PER PROJECT  (ITEM 104)

                                         TAX PREPARATION: RATES ARE QUOTED PER PROJECT  (ITEM 105)  

                                         PUBLIC RELATIONS:    (ITEM 104)

                                         DESKTOP PUBLISHING:    (ITEM 105)

                                          VIRTUAL OFFICE SUPPORT:    (ITEM 106)


                                                               --  WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT    (ITEM 107)

​                                                               --  NON-PROFIT DEVELOPMENT   (ITEM 108)

                                                               --  MISCELLANEOUS:     (ITEM 109)


                                  BUSINESS SERVICES SUB-CONTRACTING:    (ITEM 200)

                                   FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING:    (ITEM 201)

                                   ADVERTISING PROJECTS:  (ITEM 400)  - EXAMPLE




BEFORE                                                                                                                         AFTER

           (e-Commerce At Its Best)

​             EDITING AND PROOFREADING:  Rates range from $30-$35 per hour equals 9-13 double-spaced hard copy

             pages or $3.25 per page of 250 words per page.  --Via Electronic MS Word, $2.95 per page of 250 words--  $35-$90                        and up for technical proofreading/editing depending on subject areas.  (ITEM 101)